You’re the person everyone thinks “has it all together.” Your life looks pretty great from the outside, but on the inside you feel empty, numb, overwhelmed, angry and scared. This wasn’t the life or relationship you signed up for. And you don’t even know how it got this way or what to do about it now.

One of the hardest parts about “having it all together” is feeling like you can’t share your pain or confusion with anyone. And if that pain is about an affair or addiction, you may feel shame that prevents you from reaching out for help or support. Therapy is a safe, confidential place to sort out what you want for your life and develop the skills to make it happen.

I help couples who feel distant, frustrated, and sad reconnect with each other and heal from betrayal in their relationship. Whether there’s been years of poor communication or the recent discovery of infidelity, I help couples overcome the pain between them and create a healthier life before them.

You can have a life on the inside that’s as great as it looks on the outside.  Schedule a consultation today and I’ll help you get there.